Hadoop Vendor OS Support Matrix


Chris Gianelloni is a DevOps Engineer at Cask and works on automating all the things to improve developer productivity, including building a self-service cluster architecture with Coopr. Previously, he worked at several startups and as a consultant at large companies such as Apple and Yahoo. Chris has been an open source developer for over a decade and has contributed to multiple projects over his career.


Developing our open source data application platform, CDAP, which runs on top of Apache™ Hadoop® can be a challenging task. It requires testing of many different configurations, on multiple vendors of Hadoop, and on lots of different distributions of Linux. Setting up and testing all of these configurations can be extremely difficult without a simple reference of supported Linux distributions by version from each vendor.

We put together this table to provide that reference for Hadoop distributions that include YARN (MRv2). This came out to 17 Hadoop distributions across 9 Linux distributions, or 153 combinations. Removing the 49 unsupported Hadoop/Linux combinations, we’re still left with 104 different combinations!


CentOS 5 CentOS 6 CentOS 7 Debian 6 Debian 7 SLES 11 Ubuntu 10 Ubuntu 12 Ubuntu 14
CDH 4.2.2
CDH 4.3.2
CDH 4.4.0
CDH 4.5.0
CDH 4.6.0
CDH 4.7.1
CDH 5.0.5
CDH 5.1.4
CDH 5.2.4
CDH 5.3.2
MAPR 4.0.2
MAPR 4.1.0
BigTop 0.8.0


This information was collated from the public APT and YUM repositories for each Hadoop distribution. Support for most of these Linux distributions was added to COOPR, Cask’s open source cloud-based provisioning tool, which allows Cask’s developers to easily provision Hadoop clusters with different configurations in multiple clouds.

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