Join us for the new Big Data Application Meetup


Alex Baranau was a software engineer at Cask where he was responsible for building and designing software fueling the next generation of Big Data applications. Alex is a contributor to HBase and Flume, and has created several open-sourced projects. He also writes frequently about Big Data technologies.


Cask is determined to help big data application developers on their journey of building and deploying Hadoop solutions. We’re happy to announce a new meetup for the developer community—the Big Data Application Meetup—a group for everyone interested in building applications using Apache Hadoop™ and other open-source, big data technologies.

Meetup topics will be focused on application use-cases: how developers can build end-to-end solutions with open-source, big data technologies.

With this meetup, we hope to grow the number of big data application developers and strengthen their community by providing a place where developers can learn how to apply open-source technologies to solve real world problems.

The first meetup will be hosted at Cask HQ in Palo Alto on June 23rd. You can signup at

I am extremely excited and look forward to meeting you all at the first event!

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