Introducing the new CDAP Cloud Sandbox for AWS

Derek Wood is a DevOps Engineer at Cask where he is building tools to manage and operate the next generation of Big Data applications. Prior to Cask, Derek ran large scale distributed systems at Wells Fargo and at Yahoo!, where he was the senior engineering lead for the CORE content personalization platform

Today, we are announcing the availability of CDAP Cloud Sandbox on AWS. The Cloud Sandbox gives CDAP users more choices to experience CDAP. Cloud Sandbox is a fully configured and functional version of Cask’s flagship offering, but scale-limited to a single node instance. Developers can provision an instance of Cloud Sandbox on any of the AWS regions with a click of a button and experience the power of CDAP without having to setup or configure Hadoop clusters. Cloud Sandbox simplifies the evaluation and testing thereby providing a quicker way to get productive with CDAP.

CDAP Cloud Sandbox packages the CDAP runtime, CLI and tools to be instantly productive. Users can also access Cask Market from the instance that has a lot of readily available, out of the box capabilities to experience CDAP. We have added a number of AWS specific integrations and made them available in Cask Market – plugins to read from S3 buckets, plugins read/write to Redshift and a plugin read from Snowflake..

CDAP Cloud Sandbox provides all the capabilities of distributed CDAP, but runs on a single JVM. Once the users have experienced CDAP on the Cloud Sandbox, they can move their completed work to a full blown production instance of CDAP on Amazon EMR.

CDAP Cloud Sandbox currently runs with the latest version of CDAP, version 4.2. The feature list of CDAP 4.2 can be found here. Do give the CDAP Cloud Sandbox for AWS a spin and let us know if you have any additional questions or suggestions.

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