Introducing CDAP Cloud Sandbox for Microsoft Azure

Sreevatsan Raman is the Head of Engineering at Cask where he is driving the company's engineering initiatives. Prior to Cask, Sree designed and implemented big data infrastructure at Klout and Yahoo!

Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP) is a platform-agnostic unified integration platform that allows users to run, manage and deploy big data applications independent of distros on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. We recently announced the availability of Cloud Sandbox for AWS,  and in order to continue to give our customers and users more options to try and experience CDAP, we are very happy to announce the availability of CDAP Cloud Sandbox on Microsoft Azure!

The Cloud Sandbox gives CDAP users more choices to experience CDAP. The Cloud Sandbox is a fully configured and functional version of Cask’s flagship offering – CDAP, but scale-limited to a single node instance. Developers can provision an instance of Cloud Sandbox on Microsoft Azure with the click of a button and experience the power of CDAP without having to set up or configure Hadoop clusters. CDAP Cloud Sandbox simplifies the evaluation and testing, thereby providing a quicker way to get productive with CDAP.

CDAP Cloud Sandbox provides all the capabilities of distributed CDAP, but runs on a single JVM. Cloud Sandbox on Azure comes packaged with a variety of capabilities to leverage the existing Microsoft Azure marketplace offerings such as Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS) & Azure blob storage plugins to read from the Azure data lake and Azure blob store respectively, a Face transform plugin to leverage the Azure cognitive APIs, and an Event Hub plugin to read from Azure Event source in real-time pipelines.

Users using the CDAP Cloud Sandbox on Azure can take the work they experimented with in the sandbox and ramp it up to scale with a Microsoft HDInsight cluster for a full, production-ready environment.

CDAP Cloud Sandbox currently runs with the latest version of CDAP, version 4.2. The feature list of CDAP 4.2 can be found here. Do give the CDAP Cloud Sandbox for Azure a spin, which you can access directly on the Azure Marketplace, and let us know if you have any additional questions or suggestions.

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